Friday, May 1, 2009

Fit FactorY: Always in front of the PC? Drink tea! + Other health benefits of tea

Tea is a good source of antioxidants, and I just learned last week that it can help ward off UV rays (thus preventing skin cancer) or radiation from being in front of the computer too long (Which is why I immediately rushed to the grocery to buy me some tea boxes)

If you're going down with flu or cough, tea will also help tame the sickness by cooling down your system.

Aside from that, tea will help you with your blood pressure, and clears out your lungs, etc.

Tea can also aid in your digestion - this is why the Chinese love to drink tea after/during their meals, esp. when you're eating oily food.

Some teas have special abilities, too. For example:
Chamomile Tea helps you relax, relieves women of menstrual cramps, and cures insomnia.
Lavender Tea also helps you relax, and takes care of your headaches.
Rosehip Tea is a good tea to drink for headaches and vertigo.
Echinacea combats colds and flu.
Peppermint Tea is the tea to drink when you get heartburn.
Green Tea is a very good tea to drink - it helps combat arthritis, lowers cholesterol levels, heals infections, and improves immune functions

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