Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fit FactorY: Foods to Combat Aging

Aging is something us Generation Y people must think about as early as now, especially when you're as vain as I am ;) The general idea is to pack your diet with as many fruits and vegetables, and whole foods as possible. You should also think about regularly taking natural antioxidants.

The easiest rule to live by when purchasing your fruits and vegetables is to think of your diet as a color palette! When going to the grocery, get reds (tomatoes, apples, etc), purples (beets, eggplants, etc), greens (spinach, broccoli, etc), yellows (yellow peppers, etc), the list goes on.

For your whole foods, you may choose from a list of cereals, whole-grain products, and whole-wheat products. Basically, you need to buy products that have been least refined/processed.

Here is a list of munchies and drinks that are high in antioxidants:
Green / Black Tea
Spices like Cinnamon, Oregano, Cloves
Dry Fruits like Apricots, Prunes, and Dates

You should also get your daily dosage of protein, of course, from fish products like salmon and tuna. Salmon has an additional benefit of providing calcium.

The good thing about this diet is that you keep fit, without letting go of the comforts of variety!

To view the actual menu plan, head on over to the Yahoo Health article:
Yahoo Health Article Anti-Aging Menu Plan

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