Sunday, April 5, 2009

L-Carnatine for a More Fit You - Does it Work? Is it Safe?

You've probably seen these bottles in your average grocery or convenience store - Colored flavorful drinks that claim to keep you fit, factory packaged in average labels.

Too good to be true? The advertisements try to say otherwise, claiming that these tasty drinks (sometimes they come in pills) really are effective. But let's see what the doctors and researchers say about them.

The drink's main component is called L-Carnatine, which is a naturally occurring amino acid that metabolizes fat, by transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria, the powerhouse of our body's cells. This amino acid is also responsible for increasing our energy as we go through our aerobic activities.

Basically, L-Carnatine gives you that slim, fit body by burning tryglycerides instead of glycogen for our fuel as we exercise. By saving more glycogen, you are able to sustain more energy, and spend more time burning more fat.

What do the studies show?

A study made by M. H. Williams in 1992, showed that L-carnitine didn't help among endurance athletes. In 1995, McCarty said it did help people lose weight.

I've scoured forums, and the comments of people were as varied. Some said they didn't lose a single pound. Some said they lost a bit, but are unsure if it had anything to do with L-Carnitine. Then there are the miracle stories that said L-Carnatine really did help them trim their body, combined with an exercise regimen

How much do you need to take?
Some say that we get enough L-carnitine from meat and dairy products. The good thing is that if we take in more L-carnitine than we need, we just excrete them out. There have not been any serious side effects to taking it.

If you are taking L-Carnitine, please leave a comment and tell us its effect on you.

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