Monday, March 23, 2009

Fit FactorY: Brain Food

Whenever I hear of "brain food", I vividly remember my mother telling me to eat a bowl of hot peanut soup on the day before my exams, so I could get a higher score. I've always laughed when she suggested this, and dismissed the peanut thing as an urban myth probably conjured up by the marketing-fit peanut factory manufacturers so they could get more sales, but after researching on it further, the idea behind "brain food" seems to have some scientific backing after all.

Apparently, peanut is high in Vitamin B6, protein, and sugars that the brain needs. The good thing about peanuts is that they are virtually cholesterol free so you can munch on them with less guilt as compared to eating a bag of greasy potato chips.

Speaking of Vitamin B, eggs are also a good source of Vitamin B, particularly Choline, which is said to enhance memory.

Studies have also been made, confirming that fish is a good brain food for boys. The omega-3 found in fish is what helps the brain develop better. Even more interesting to note is that pregnant women who eat fish tend to have more intelligent children. The study does not state why fish doesn't help women as much and I've been trying to scour Google for the answer but to no substantial avail.

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