Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Whats the "Extra virgin" in Extra virgin olive oil?

We all probably know by now that olive oil is good for you. But have you ever wondered what extra virgin olive oil is and how it differs from just pure olive oil?

Other than the price tag, these two types of olive oil also differ in taste, quality, and how much it has been processed.

In general, the less processed the olive oil is the better, and the more expensive. Extra virgin olive oil is the least acidic, and has the most excellent taste and aroma. It is the least processed and is extracted using the first cold press.

Virgin olive oil is the oil you obtain after the second pressing.

Pure olive oil is filtered and refined in a factory and does not taste or smell as good as the above.

In the health aspect, all three of them are good for you (good fat so to speak), with the small difference being that Extra Virgin olive oil contains more antioxidants and vitamin E. As I stated in another article, olive oil is one of the better oils to use when deep frying. As a general rule, I'd say buy the olive oil that will fit your budget.

What you should watch out for is the "Light olive oil", a neat marketing gimmick. Light here is referred to the color, as opposed to the amount of calories. Sometimes, it is mixed with other forms of vegetable oil.

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