Monday, June 1, 2009

Fit FactorY: Eat Right 80% of the time, Let loose during the remaining 20%

I read this interesting Yahoo Health Article, that says: "If we do the right thing 80% of the time in
our lifestyle habits, then we can have some fun the other 20%".

And it makes a lot of sense.

In fact, a lot of us tend to associate eating healthy and keeping fit with pain, abstaining, and sheer torture, but it doesn't have to be that way. There are several simple ways to eat right that aren't actually that difficult to follow:

1. Eat Breakfast.
Interestingly enough, eating healthy means eating that first meal of the day. They say that people are 75% more likely to overeat the rest of the day if they skip breakfast. Plus, you need that morning boost to get you through the whole day! Like they say, eat like a king during breakfast, like a prince during lunch, and a pauper during dinner time.

2. Eat until you are full. Stop there.
Never eat past that "full" stage. If you have leftovers, eat it on another day. Not only does eating past the "full" stage lead to those unwanted flabs, you also run the risk of getting indigestion.

These two simple things can really make a world of difference and give you chance to have fun while eating right.

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