Monday, October 19, 2009

Fit FactorY: Aren't Plants just Wonderful?

I just read this incrdibly wonderful and mouthwatering article called: "The Salad in Your Front Yard: Edible Plants You Didn’t Even Know About" and I am again amzed at just how wide a variety of delectable eats we can see in our garden that we have never tried cooking/eating yet!When I read the article, I immediately thought told myself that I would post it here asap at my blog.

The article features a very unique, delicious looking weed called Purlsane which is great in salads:

Purlsane - Weeds in your Salad!
Image Source:

And a whole bunch of others. View the whole menu list here:

Of course, suffice to say that all of these goodies are healthy for you too! :)

~ Fit FactorY.Compltely hungry at the moment after seeing this article

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