Thursday, January 8, 2009

Probiotics - Getting the good bacteria in

Here's a counter-intuitive thought: Keep the bad bacteria out by getting the good bacteria in. All of us have most likely taken more than our fair share of those nasty, expensive antibiotics. They cure the illness you're complaining about, but introduce their fair share of side effects that mostly affect your stomach (eg. indigestion, flatulence, diarrhea). What's worse is that antibiotics kill all the bacteria in our body - including the good ones.

Probiotics is a way of refreshing your supply of good stomach microorganisms. They help boost your immune system, prevent infections, cure diarrhea, etc. Studies say that they can even lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Fit Factory Image - YakultThe best thing about Probiotics is that they are safe. We actually have this in our body already. They can also be obtained through more natural means - such as eating yogurt or drinking yogurt milk (Yakult!!!). This makes integrating probiotics into your lifestyle an easy task.

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